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  3. The ancient island of Zanzibar is a destination that is rarely on the tongues of holiday travelers, but those who do venture to this exotic land that has seemingly been stuck in time for several centuries fall in love with it instantly. Visitors are attracted to Zanzibar, also referred to as Spice Island, by the allure of the dense, green rainforests, the fascinating, multicolored coral reefs and the amazing yet relaxing beaches. Many visitors find themselves completely content in one of the rich beach resorts while others prefer to travel further into the city to explore its venerable churches, mosques and temples or to visit the bustling markets in search of low-priced, exotic goods and unique souvenirs. Westward, Zanzibar becomes a lazy jungle paradise full of amazing animals, plant life and plantations full of rice, coconuts and spice. In addition, the nearby islands of Mnemba and Pemba offer even further untouched regions to explore, and the mainland of Tanzania and the busy city of Dar es Salaam is but a short and pleasant boat ride from the shore.

  4. Zanzibar offers a wide variety of incredible attractions and amazing sites for visitors of all tastes. In addition to being home to one of the oldest working cities in Africa, Zanzibar provides several other opportunities to experience exotic nature and human culture.

    Stone Town

    Stone Town is the most popular attraction in Zanzibar. The town and the activities of the people inhabiting it have not changed in any considerable manner in more than 200 years. It is full of bustling bazaars, narrow alleyways, rustic public buildings and extravagant Arabic homes. It is possible to spend several days in Stone Town and still not see all of the sites. Some of the most popular attractions include the Palace Museum, Livingstone House and the House of Wonders.

    Jozani Natural Forest Reserve

    Jozani Forest is located in the central region of Zanzibar. This lush, tropical jungle is notable for being the home of the red colobus monkey, which is native to the island. Among the other examples of wildlife that can be spotted from the guided nature trails are bush pigs, Sykes’ monkeys and, possibly, the rare Zanzibar leopard.

    Spice Plantations

    No trip to Zanzibar is complete without a tour of the spice plantations. The plantations are one of the primary reasons why the island was inhabited. Guides provide detailed histories and descriptions of all spices, including cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon.

  5. Best Time To Visit: 

    Zanzibar makes for an ideal travel destination because it can be enjoyed any time of the year. For the most part, the weather is warm and sunny, and the beaches can be visited nearly every day. Although Zanzibar does have a rainy season, it is nothing like the monsoons of East Asia.

    Zanzibar is situated just south of the equator, and the prevailing weather patterns on the island are very similar to those of mainland Tanzania but with slightly higher humidity. The months with the most rain are March, April and May. Rainfall in April can top 40 mm., and some beach lodges close during this month because tourism is so light. Those who wish to visit the island during the rainy season will experience late-night and early-morning showers with brief tropical downpours in the afternoons.

    The dry season, and the most popular time of the year to visit Zanzibar, is from June through October. The skies are usually clear and sunny throughout the day, and temperatures range from 21° to 29° C.


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