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  3. Nestled amid the soft, verdant islands and the clear blue waters of the southern Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago is a tropical destination that deftly blends the exotic and the modern. This is a land where cliches come true and dreams are made real.

    Imagine yourself reclining in a beach chair within sight of South America. One hand wraps around a chilled, rum-infused cocktail as the other weighs a couple of acai berries. You gaze out at the cloud-studded horizon in an effort to determine precisely where the water meets the sky. Behind you, palm trees sway in a gentle dance that only the trade winds can compel. This is Trinidad & Tobago. Your customized island journey awaits.

  5. Asphalt Deposits at Pitch Lake: While Trinidad & Tobago is a world-renowned tourist attraction, its economy isn't solely based on inputs from visitors. The country's thriving oil and gas industry takes advantage of easily accessible deposits like the asphalt pools at Pitch Lake. Under supervision, visitors can walk out on cooled asphalt platforms or dip a rod into the gooey deposits that lie beneath. The smells and sounds of this place aren't to be forgotten, but its role in the furthering of Trinidad & Tobago's nascent research industry is often downplayed. Countless new forms of life have been discovered in the hostile environment of these asphalt pits.

    Culture and Refinement in Port of Spain: With a population of just over 50,000, Port of Spain isn't Trinidad & Tobago's largest city. It is, however, the country's undisputed cultural capital. While here, visit the stately, centrally located Gothic Rosary Church, an 18th-century structure that mirrors the Gothic cathedrals of Europe and remains open to the public. Christopher Columbus Square offers a wealth of interpretive exhibits on the first Westerner to lay eyes on the islands that would become Trinidad & Tobago. Before you leave, visit at least one of the fine art museums and galleries that sprinkle Port of Spain's central core.

    Calypso Amid the Palms: Trinidad & Tobago is the birthplace of calypso music, and it's impossible to escape its lilting melodies and languid verses. Virtually every resort property on the islands has an in-house calypso band or makes arrangements to host traveling musicians, so you won't need to do much planning to enjoy this quintessentially Trinidadian experience. The pleasure of calypso may be heightened with an expertly mixed rum cocktail.

    Pigeon Point on Tobago: One of the most popular places to enjoy calypso - and listen to expert steelpan players - is Pigeon Point, an exclusive resort enclave on the smaller island of Tobago. True to its name, Pigeon Point juts out into the blue-green Caribbean waters and plays host to melodic flocks of birds. Bring your swim trunks and enjoy a relaxing day in the bath-like waters of the nearby sea. At night, unwind with an evening stroll along the palm-studded beach and a hearty plate of stewed chicken and cornmeal dumplings.

  6. Best Time To Visit: 

    Since Trinidad & Tobago lies just a few degrees off the equator, it's firmly ensconced in the tropical zone. While the country's climate is mild and predictable throughout the year, most visitors prefer to avoid the rainy season that runs from July through December. Trinidad & Tobago is quite lush, however, and visitors should expect some rain at any time of year. Happily, Trinidad & Tobago usually avoids the paths of Atlantic hurricanes and has not seen a devastating tropical storm strike in some time. The statistical threat of such events does increase during the months of August, September and October. Travelers who wish to avoid crowds at local attractions may wish to arrive towards the end of the dry season in May or June.

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