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  3. Tahiti is a tropical paradise as it has a warm climate, sandy beaches and palm trees that stir gently in the breeze. The island has classic and unique accommodations. For instance, you can stay in an island resort with views of the ocean, or you can book a reservation for an over-water bungalow and let the rocking sensation of the water breaking on the villa's stilts lull you to sleep. A glass pane installed in the floor of the bungalow will let you peek at the natural aquarium beneath you, and you can snorkel from a deck set just outside your room.

    The island is lush, green and mountainous. Tahiti also has calm ocean areas, valleys and plenty of coastlines. Therefore, you can participate in water sports, hike on challenging trails and walk along the beach while holding hands with someone special.

  4. If you visit Tahiti from July through October, then you’ll have the chance to go whale watching. A drive down the coastal road will take you to Mara’a Grotto. The site has an abundance of nature’s spectacles including thriving gardens, translucent pools and vine draped caverns. A car ride to Tahiti’s east coast will take you to the village of Tiarei. Once there, follow the road around the destination’s black sand beach until you spot the sign directing you to the Faarumai Waterfalls. You will need to hike about 100 metres through a maple tree forest to Vaimahutu, which is the first of the site’s waterfalls. If you’re feeling energetic, then you can hike for another 20 minutes to the area’s other two waterfalls. Faarumai’s remarkably high waterfalls will offer you an amazing sight. Coat yourself in bug spray and enjoy Mother Nature’s creation.

    In Tahiti, food options are diverse. Resort dining is frequently expensive, but you can eat affordably priced cuisine from various roulottes, which are small food huts that vendors wheel from place to place. The mobile meal carts sell French style menu items, Chinese food and local cuisine. Consider eating at Les ȝ Brasseurs where you can dine on unique fare like flammekueche, which is a pizza style dish, and sauerkraut. The restaurant is affordable, and the food preparation is excellent.

    While in the tropical destination, consider spending time and money at the local shops. The Tahiti Vanilla Market features merchandise made from local vanilla. At the market, you can buy handmade crafts and discover the taste of corossols and carambolas. You can also sample the local jam and enjoy the scent of vanilla.

  5. Best Time To Visit: 

    Tahiti is in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, the island’s winter occurs in July, and the summer weather arrives in January. However, due to the tropical environment, the temperature during the winter months is generally in the upper 20s. The summer months are the island’s rainy season, so if you intend to visit during that time, then be sure to find a few museums that may appeal to you. Some travellers only visit the island when the dry weather arrives, which is Tahiti’s peak season. As a result, the prices are higher. You can visit the island more affordably during the rainy season, and if you spend time on Tahiti in the off-season, then it is likely that there will be less people visiting at the same time.

    Since Tahiti is a secluded destination, it is a popular place for newlyweds. In fact, the island is ideal for anyone who prefers to experience his or her holiday among as few people as possible.


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