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  3. Poised at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, Oman is a rich country that welcomes tourists with peace and beauty. Featuring mountains, desert and coastline, Oman offers a warm climate and a range of scenery to please anyone seeking a pleasant holiday. Only recently has a system of paved roads made sufficient incursion into the heart of Oman possible to bring the untarnished natural beauty into the reach of visitors.

    Although Oman offers a wide range of exciting activities for the discerning tourist, it has not yet been overrun with tourists in the way that many other popular locations have become. The diverse beauty of Oman makes it possible to visit for no reason other than to explore nature. Nature reserves and parks showcase astonishing flora and fauna.

  4. The As Saleel Nature Park is an excellent spot to visit in the south governorate of Al Sharqiyah and features an unparalleled range of rare and exotic animals, including the Egyptian eagle and the Arabian gazelle, living in a lush habitat of acacia trees. Oman's Dhofar lagoons offer yet another opportunity to witness a new environment. Eight of these lagoons across the Dhofar governorate have been preserved as nature reserves, of which the Khawr Ruri is the most renowned for its attractiveness to tourists and historic significance. Greek and Arabic historic scrolls mention the port located in this lagoon as a main exporter of frankincense. The aquatic animals, birds and plants located in and around this lagoon are a wondrous sight to behold for visiting tourists.

    For the adventurous, the highest peak in Oman, Jebel Shams -- also known as the Mountain of the Sun -- rewards climbers with a breathtaking view into the deep Wadi Ghul canyon. A short day trip from the town of Nizwa, the mountain is a great place for a hike and a picnic. Interested visitors to Jebel Shams can also purchase the wares of carpet sellers during their time on the mountain.

    Nizwa itself is an amazing historic city only two hours from the capital of Muscat that has rapidly become the second most popular tourist in the country. Ensconced by a ring of verdant palm trees, Nizwa is prized for its historic forts, tours of which are offered regularly.

    Tourists will, of course, also want to spend time visiting the capital city of Muscat, the most popular destination for tourists and a bustling metropolis. The city of Muscat maintains strict building standards, requiring every building to display historic features, such as domes, arabesque windows and minarets. A port city, Muscat sits along a beach that extends to the United Arab Emirates.


  5. Best Time To Visit: 

    With a beautiful warm and mostly dry climate, a visit to Oman promises to be beautiful and rewarding at almost any time of year. Those who prefer cooler weather should choose to visit between November and March. A rainy season in southern Oman tempers high desert temperatures from May to August. This time is particularly popular for those who want to enjoy picnics by the Dhofar lagoons and take in the scenery of the canyons and hills.


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