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  3. Mauritius may be a tiny island nation off the coast of Africa, but the small size of the country does not mean that the gem of the Indian Ocean does not have plenty to offer travellers. The secluded location of Mauritius makes it an ideal spot for travellers who truly want to get away from it all. A tropical climate makes the island nation perfect for sticking some toes in the sand and soaking up the sun without the distractions of life at home.

  5. Travellers who are up for the adventure of a lifetime can arrive in Mauritius by boat from Madagascar. The four-day journey in a passenger boat that doubles as a cargo ship is not for the faint of heart, but the sparkling, open views of the Indian Ocean and bright, exotic birds migrating along the route make the trip worthwhile for the most adventurous travellers.

    Beaches may be the most popular destination in Mauritius. Golden stretches of sand are most inviting in the west of the island. Visitors may choose to simply sit in the sand while taking in the view, but there are many other activities to enjoy on the beach. Diving is a favourite pastime on the island. Hiring a professional dive instructor is the best way to get a chance to look at the colourful coral reefs surrounding the island up close. The crystal-clear waters surrounding Mauritius allow divers to see the vibrant colours of exotic sea life, and shops near the beach sell underwater cameras that give travellers the opportunity to capture the breathtaking beauty forever.

    The diverse wildlife that has been largely unspoiled is not to be missed. Casela Nature and Leisure Park is a zoo that houses birds and primates. Unique features of the zoo include hiking and zip lining. The adjacent Yemen Reserve offers visitors a glance at fruit bats, wild pigs and monkeys in their natural habitat.

    Giant tortoises and beautiful, lush trees are both offered protection in the François Leguat Reserve. A museum located within the reserve allows travellers to learn more about the role of the tortoise in the history of the island, and strategically placed observation spots let visitors catch a glimpse of the contrasting greens of the noble creatures in their natural habitat.

  6. Best Time To Visit: 

    The good news about visiting Mauritius is that there are specific seasons that invite travellers. It is not difficult to decide when to visit the island. Hot, humid weather is the hallmark of the island from November through April. Rainy season tends to run from the beginning of January through March, so it is best to avoid the country during this time if possible. High winds and torrential rain drive visitors away. Deals may be found during cyclone season, but visitors will likely spend their entire trip huddling in the corner of a hotel room.

    The weather tends to be cooler and dry from May through September. However, it is common for extreme winds to make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors during July and August.


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