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  3. Tropical paradise is a term that may be overused, but it is not here as the Maldives, one of the most beautiful places on earth, cannot be called anything but this. It is gorgeous. The country’s 1,192 islands provide its visitors with sun-kissed tropical bliss, and your bare feet sinking into the soft white powder found on beaches throughout this unspoiled country while you enjoy sweeping views of the hypnotic turquoise sea will cause all of your cares to leave your body.

    One of the things that visitors notice first upon arrival at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is how flat this country is. The airport itself seems to rise out of the ocean, and this is just a hint at how close to the sea you will be throughout your stay in paradise as the entire country is less than 3 metres above sea level, and all of the islands can be traversed with ease.

    This is a great place to visit for those who love the sea and want to feel like one with the ocean. In fact, diving and surfing opportunities attract many to the Maldives. The vast majority of resorts located here have ocean views, and many of them actually make up their own islands. Kurendhoo is one example of a large resort island that possesses some of the country’s best scuba diving opportunities.

    Although many visitors remain in or near Male, the nation’s capital city, those who spend the time and money to explore parts of the country situated far from here are often rewarded with even better diving opportunities and more relaxed experiences. Many also enjoy taking seaplane tours of the picturesque atolls that are found in the Maldives.

  5. Snorkelling and diving opportunities bring many to the Maldives as the country is filled with some pretty amazing coral reefs. In fact, many of the country’s resorts were designed with divers in mind. You can expect undersea creatures like manta rays to regularly swim past you on their way through the turquoise sea.

    Many surfers head to Male Atoll, which is where Male is located, to ride the waves. However, surfing conditions are excellent throughout the Maldives. In fact, there are a significant number of prime surfing spots that are unknown by the masses.

    Once you are done exploring the undersea world that surrounds these islands, you will most likely want to relax at one of the country’s best resorts and allow a talented masseuse to work on you. World-class cuisine may also be enjoyed at many of these spas. Once you are ready to head back to your room, perhaps you will feel like you are walking on water as many villas have glass floors directly above the ocean. Several of those relaxing in these rooms regularly see fish swim under their feet.

  6. Best Time To Visit: 

    Although there is not as wide a disparity between the wet and dry seasons as is the case in many other tropical locales, the driest time of the year is clearly January, February and March. The months that receive the most precipitation are May, September, October and December.

    Those looking to dive during their time in the Maldives may want to avoid June, July and August as stormy weather is more likely during this time of the year. The sea is generally the calmest from January to April.

    Surfers wanting to experience the largest swells are encouraged to visit in July and August. Surrounding months have significantly sized waves as well.

    Temperatures are generally between 25-30 degrees throughout the year.


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