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  3. The Pacific island nation of Fiji is a gem that offers warm weather, brilliant views and amazing activities throughout the year. Dazzling moonlight glitters on the waters surrounding the islands during the summer and winter solstice. Amazing shows like the daring fire walkers in Bera tantalise tourists in a setting that is nothing short of paradise.

  4. What better to do on an island than relax on the beach? Fiji has plenty of beaches with soft, white sand and swaying palm trees. The clear water makes every inch of coastline in Fiji fit into the iconic image of an island oasis.

    Fiji beaches are a bit different than most travellers are used to. Coral reefs prevent the kind of swimming that can be done in other islands around the world, but that doesn't mean that the beaches in Fiji are not spectacular. Lapping waters that pool in lagoons let tourists sunbathe, swim and take advantage of adventurous water sports.

    The most popular beaches in Fiji have been developed by all-inclusive resorts. While this limits travellers to particular sandy shores, the amenities available at these resorts make it worth reserving a room. Luxurious spas, delectable meals and delicious drinks are all featured at resorts throughout Fiji.

    The open-air market in Nadi gives travellers the perfect opportunity to pick up a one-of-a-kind souvenir for loved ones back home. Hand-made crafts are sold by local merchants. The market even features authentic cuisine that will make travellers' mouths water. Fish curry is a must-try dish in Nadi.

    The flora and fauna of Fiji features rare orchids, bright parrots and colourful tropical fish. Much of the wildlife in Fiji is protected in conservation parks that allow visitors to catch a glimpse of the mystifying allure of nature.

    Helicopter rides over Fiji let visitors get a unique vantage point. Seeing the islands in a helicopter is an exciting way to see lush, green mountains, blue waters and swaying palm trees without the work of a hike or climb. Any traveller can take in the scenery while relaxing on an exotic holiday in Fiji.

  5. Best Time To Visit: 

    The bad news is that the weather patterns in Fiji tend to be unpredictable. Rains can last over a week. The good news about Fiji is that there are times during the year that are generally dry. Dry weather and temperatures around 28 degrees can be enjoyed from June through September.

    July and August are the busiest months in Fiji. Hotel rates are high, and the crowds are heavy. Travellers from Australia and New Zealand flock to Fiji at this time to get away from the cold back home.

    The heat starts to rise from November through April, and temperatures tend to hover around 31 degrees. The weather gets wetter, and days that are not rainy are sticky and humid. Rainfall is common during these months. Travellers can find deals on lodging and airfare during the rainy season, but visitors should keep in mind that they are running the risk of being stuck indoors throughout their holiday.


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