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  3. If you are looking for a vacation that will awaken your adventurous spirit, Egypt is one destination that you are sure to find unforgettable. This land of mystery and lore is filled with ancient artifacts that harken back to a time thousands of years ago. The exotic desert expanses for which the nation is known hold many intriguing secrets, the most prominent of which are the Pyramids, which tower over the sand for miles around. The arid climate is inviting for those who relish the heat, and because Egypt's tourism industry is so strong, there is never any shortage of sites to see or tour guides to show the way.

  4. The most popular tourist destination in all of Egypt is the Giza Necropolis, and it has been for thousands of years. This place is home to the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that is still standing. This pyramid is surrounded by several others, some of which can be explored up close. The hieroglyphics on display in these structures are almost as fascinating as the towering monuments themselves.

    In this same area is the Sphinx, a massive statue with the body of a lion and the head of a man, specifically thought to be Pharoah Khafra. This ethereal area has many theories and speculations associated with it, including debate over what the precise purpose of these structures may have been beyond serving as tombs. Knowledgeable tour guides can share fascinating facts about their connections to such aspects of Egyptian culture as its mythology and astronomy.

    Another excellent spot for tourists is any of the many beaches along Egypt's coastline. The Red Sea, the Akba Gulf, the Suez Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea all have beaches alongside them, many of them quite suitable for swimming and other traditional beach activities. The Red Sea is particular is home to many species of aquatic life; that combined with the calm waters make it an excellent spot for scuba diving.

    There are many spots in Egypt that serve as ideal destinations for tourists just looking to soak in the culture and have some fun. In addition to such major cities as Cairo and Alexandria, there are places like Sharm el-Sheikh, which is known as the City of Peace because so many dignitaries from assorted nations have gathered there to have peace talks, and Luxor, known as Thebes in the ancient days and now notable for the fact that it is so filled with ancient monuments. It is generally considered to be the greatest open air museum in the whole world, and it is an essential stop for anyone interested in Egyptian art, culture and architecture.

    For those who enjoy musical and theatrical performances, the Cairo Opera House is a venue that is home to the most accomplished musicians in all of Egypt. This destination, which is a part of the National Cultural Center, has three different theatres within it, and it is one of the best places in Egypt to seek out entertainment on the stage. Cairo is also home to the Cairo International Film Festival, which has drawn countless big-name stars. The city is also known for its bustling night life, not only because of night clubs but also because of cafes that are open throughout the night.

  5. Best Time To Visit: 

    The best months for visiting Egypt are the spring and the autumn, specifically the months of February, March and April and September, October and November, when the weather is most comfortable. December and January are quite cold throughout most of Egypt, but the southernmost part of the country is quite comfortable during those months. June, July and August are extremely hot, particularly in top destinations like Luxor and Giza, so those who decide to visit during that time will need a strong tolerance for high temperatures. However, there is the advantage of smaller crowds for those willing to brave the heat. Any time of year, a trip to Egypt can be a magical experience.


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