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  3. Imagine relaxing on a sandy, golden beach while a warm sea breeze sways tall palm trees. Bright shocks of colourful feathers fly through the air as parrots sing to each other on the wind. It may seem like a fantastic destination from a daydream, but this place is truly only a flight away in the Dominican Republic.

    The Dominican Republic goes beyond the standard tropical vacation destination by putting a bit of Latin flare into the paradise-like setting. A tropical climate and exotic plants and animals makes the island one of the most beautiful gems of the Caribbean. Enjoying a holiday on the gorgeous island offers something for everyone.

  4. Diving is a favourite of natives and travellers alike. Dangerously beautiful coral reefs surround the island, and getting an up-close view is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The clear waters provide perfect conditions for getting a closer look at the hundreds of mystifying shipwrecks and underwater caverns.

    Pristine beaches are in abundance in the Dominican Republic. Brilliant blue waters gently lap at over 400 kilometres of coastline. Playa Boca Chica is known for its crystal-clear waters and majestic coconut palms. Shopping, dining and live music is available for visitors to the beach. The popular beach is worth facing the crowds that flock there during the busy season.

    Punta Cana is considered by some to be the best beach in the world. Safe swimming opportunities during any season draw visitors to the abundant resorts lining the beach. All-inclusive resorts give travellers the opportunity to stay in a hotel with its own restaurants, bars, activities and exclusive stretches of sand.

    Mountain climbs in Parque Jose del Carmen Ramirez let visitors spend three days getting to the highest point in the entire Caribbean. Sprawling views of the natural wonder of the island make the trip worth the effort.

    Visitors to the Dominican Republic can catch a glimpse of the exotic species that are native to the island. Glittering green hummingbirds buzz from fragrant flowers. Crocodiles roam the waters of the island, while manatees and humpbacks can be found swimming in the surrounding waters. Natural wonders that are hiding around every corner can be sought out with an experienced tour guide.

    The stunning flora and fauna represent just a small sampling of what the Dominican Republic has to offer. Dominican coffee is enjoyed by the cupful around the world, and coffee lovers can learn more about the beverage at the Museo del Café Dominican. Enjoying a glass of premium rum is a favourite way to spend an evening on the island, so visitors should not miss a tour of the Brugal Rum Factory to see how the smooth drink is made.

  5. Best Time To Visit: 

    The Dominican Republic is warm year-round, but scores of visitors are drawn to the island from January through April. Travellers who are looking for an excuse to escape harsh winters at home arrive shortly after the holiday to enjoy a vacation in paradise.

    Tropical cyclones hit areas of the island at different times. Heavy rainfall slams the northern coast in late autumn, while the southern coast is drenched from May through November. Most of the Dominican Republic sees average temperatures around 25 degrees, but areas in high elevations can be a cooler 18 degrees.

    A lull in the crowds occurs between May and August. While cheaper lodging can be enjoyed during the off season, travellers who are looking for the glam and glitz of colourful festivals for which the Dominican Republic is famous will want to visit in the weeks before Easter.

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