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  3. A secluded haven, an adventuresome trek, a world unto itself — the Caribbean, resplendent in its diversity, offers all this and much more. Set against a backdrop that is at once hypnotic in its serenity and intoxicating in its eclecticism, the Caribbean’s collection of islands, sprinkling of coastal countries and rich tapestry of cultures beckons seductively to all who seek an unforgettable holiday experience. Regardless of what your individual concept of perfection encompasses, the Caribbean offers it.

    Vibrant street markets and vivid art galleries, history museums and historic traditions, exotic fare and international flair only begin to define the Caribbean. As relaxed and easy-going as a summer afternoon, it is imbued with an unhurried way of living that moves to an enthralling calypso beat while embracing life to the fullest. Welcoming and inviting, the ambience is born of a tropical climate that infuses the entire region with tranquilizing warmth that pervades the daily Caribbean lifestyle, beguiling visitors. Adding to this warm atmosphere is the wonderful mélange of international languages set to the rhythmic cadences of the Caribbean. In short, this region is a sensory delight.

    Collectively retaining commonalities of life and culture, the individual allure of each destination is in its inherently unique attributes and mise en scène, so to speak. The location you select is solely contingent upon what fulfills your individual idea of holiday frivolity.

  5. Perpetual sunshine and gorgeous white-sand beaches are the initial images conjured by thoughts of the Caribbean. Yet they represent a small aspect of the region’s singular offerings. Lounging outdoors at any number of St. Kitts’s resorts, for instance, are green vervet monkeys, a common sight as they imbibe delicious tropical drinks and partake of the fine island cuisine. As integral to the culture as the human population, and more plentiful, these delightful French imports of the seventeenth century wait dockside to greet arriving guests as they debark from cruise ships, smiling for cameras as they encounter visitors throughout the island. In fact, do not be surprised to encounter green vervet monkeys that sneak meals and drinks from the outdoor dining tables of unsuspecting guests, satisfying the monkeys’ appetites for both food and pure entertainment.

    Meanwhile, flamingos alight among the art cognoscenti in Wilhelmina Park on Bonaire. As dancers swirl to the live music, a dizzying array of local artistry in sea glass, driftwood and a variety of bird, plant and marine life melds all Caribbean art forms in one glorious, pulsating, decidedly enticing event known as Dia di Arte (Day of Art). An annual showcase for the arts, it is infused with the heartbeat of Caribbean life: the culture and beauty of its people.

    Then, diving deep into the Caribbean Sea to unearth submerged cannons, anchors and shards of lovely pottery, diving enthusiasts rise triumphantly from the waters off the coast of St. Eustatius, or Statia, as locals call it. Bounteous treasure long discarded at the bottom of the sea, your loot will represent the spilled contents of more than one hundred sunken trading ships. No wonder Statia is a diver’s paradise!

    The dazzling array of rural and city venues also features quiet sanctuaries of natural beauty on Saba juxtaposed with the raucous, colorful bedazzlement of Carnival in Trinidad. In incomparable variety, the Caribbean offers a holiday specially designed to please any traveler.

  6. Best Time To Visit: 

    While hurricane season, from June 1- November 30, is the time when travelers are usually warned to avoid the Caribbean, it is the least expensive time of year to travel there, and the temperate climate actually makes it a great travel destination all year round. What’s more, the Caribbean always provides a fabulous wedding setting, with locations such as the Cayman Islands, St. Kitts and Curacao, among others, having no residency requirements.


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