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  3. Just one of more than 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali offers a lush beauty incomparable to anywhere else in the world. With natural wonders that range from soaring seaside cliffs to ancient mystical temples tucked away in green forests, Bali is home to the perfect conditions for every type of traveler. World-class surfers flock to Bali’s pristine shores at the same time spiritual guides make the pilgrimage to the many Hindu shrines. No matter if your reason for visiting is for the historical, cultural, or natural features of the island, you will find what you are looking for in the beauty and splendor of Bali.

  4. One of the biggest draws for this vacation isle is the availability of the beaches. With the volcanic activity on Bali, there are many black sand beaches along the coasts, but there are also a few fine-grained white sand locations. Jimbaran Bay, one of the most popular among tourists, offers especially safe swimming areas.

    Inland Bali features lush, green rice paddies, especially around Ubud and Tirta Gangga. These agricultural staples frame the traditional Balinese villages and create some of the most beautiful rural scenery anywhere in the world.

    Each of Bali’s mountains are really volcanoes, although some have been dormant for decades. The eastern giant Mount Agung has not erupted in nearly fifty years, but Mount Batur continually smolders and occasionally releases plumes of ashy smoke. In only two hours, you can climb Mount Batur and view the active volcano up close.

    Hot springs along the northern coast near Lovina offers some of the lushest local gardens on the island. If you enjoy the hot springs, you may also want to indulge in a local Balinese massage or lulur body scrub, prepared at the island’s spas with natural herbs and spices. Many of these spas offer traditional yoga centres and retreats incomparable to those in the western world.

    The warm waters surrounding Bali make it ideal for surfing and scuba diving. You may be interested in visiting and diving near the wreck of USAT Liberty or the corals in Padang Bai. If surfing is more your style, journey to the southern coast to find the waves near Legian or Buta beaches perfect for riding.

    The Hindu temples of Bali are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Be aware that to enter these traditional spiritual havens, you must be appropriately dressed in a sarong and sash; however, these are typically available for rental at large temples.

    More tourist locations are available at the five Balinese golf courses and the Bali Zoo in Singapadu. Additional activities, such as paragliding, mountain cycling, bungy jumping, and horseback riding, are available at locations across the island.

    Of course you cannot leave Bali without shopping in the clothing and artisan markets available in most villages. Offering goods from local designers as well as popular sportswear brands, you can buy goods almost anywhere you stay. Be sure to purchase some dried spices and coffees unavailable anywhere else in the world.

  5. Best Time To Visit: 

    The rainy season hits Bali from October to March, making it difficult to enjoy many of the typical outdoor activities on the island. Although it may not rain everyday during this period, high humidity and frequent torrential downpours can interrupt plans. Many of the local beaches are also more polluted during these months due to the run-off of trash from local villages and vacation resorts.

    Although the dry season, from April to September, offers the best options weather-wise, it is also the most expensive and crowded period for tourists. The best travel rates and tour packages are often available during the extended off-season, especially in late September to October and April to May.


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